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A Few New Slimming World Finds

I’ve started following some great Slimming World bloggers, and other people seem to be organised enough to take and post pics of everything they eat.  I’m nowhere near efficient enough for that; I do try and take pics for instagram, but I’m often halfway through dinner before I realise I’ve not done a picture.

So here’s just a quick selection of some of my favourite finds this week.

(And as I’m writing this, I’ve just remembered that I’ve forgotten to include the new Turkish Delight mullers – they’re gorgeous!).


Alien Jelly (the big picture) is inspired by an Instagram post this week.  It’s a sugar free lime jelly with a vanilla and choc sprinkles muller light.

Make up the jelly with half a pint of water, stir in the muller light (don’t worry – it looks very strange at first). I added a drop of green food colouring to make it even brighter, but that’s not really necessary!  I divided the mix into three pots, so that’s just half a syn each.

Prepared Fruit is a bit of an indulgence, I know. But it’s always so lovely and is a really simple way of getting some superfrees with zero hassle.  Asda are doing 2 boxes for £3, so I’m having a couple each week.

The strange blob in the middle is a bit of leftover mix from making a Slimming World Curried Rice Loaf.  I’d included some extra veg and an extra egg when which meant there was a bit too much for the loaf tin. So this is the mixture that was left over, cooked in a cake tin.  I’ve no idea what I’d call it, but it was lovely.

And the two little coffee jars were recommended by our Slimming World consultant this week.  I’ve had some of the hazlenut one today and it’s gorgeous.

I’m getting loads of ideas from the bloggers, tweeters and instagrammars all following Slimming World.  It’s great to see Slimming World ideas throughout the week and not just in class.

Slimming World Breakfast

We all know that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  But preparing and eating it can be a real problem.

I’m quite lucky in that I work pretty flexible hours most of the time, but I’ve been starting earlier than normal this past week.

This past week, I’ve had loads of great things each morning:

2 hard boiled eggs
2 babybels (HexA)
Muesli with yogurt*
2 portions of fruit (I vary this each day)

*Muesli with Yogurt is…
28g high fibre muesli (HexB)
1 muller light

Mix the two together the night before, and the yogurt soaks up the muesli.

This works with any of the fruit flavours, and the toffee yogurt works great with a banana sliced in just before eating.

Muesli with Yogurt

Weekend Breakfasts

You can’t beat a good old-fashioned ‘fry’ up – beans, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes. Without the frying, obviously.