First Half Stone Off

Weigh in tonight after the second week on my new burst of Slimming World.  I’ve lost another two pounds so I’m through the first half stone (7.5 lbs in total).

Truth be told, it’s been nowhere near a 100% week.  I had an overnighter at my sister’s house and ate some things I shouldn’t have done (and missed some that I should have had). Nothing major compared to what I was eating a month ago, but I had a 150g bag of licorice allsorts on the Saturday and freestyled a bit on the Sunday.

Me being away at the weekend also meant that we didn’t set out a proper plan for the week.  I know that we do best if we sit and do that on Friday evening / Saturday morning, and then set up a supermarket order.  Not having that meant that it’s all been a bit ad-hoc.

I’m very happy with getting through my first half stone, though.

Being part of a proper Slimming World group instead of just doing it at home is great. We didn’t stay tonight, but there’s still the discipline of the weigh-in and the familiar faces in the queue for the scales.

And the stickers. We don’t get fancy stickers when we do it at home!



The Coming Week

– We need to get to grips with the Superfree thing and make sure we have more of those every meal.

– Meal planning. We have quite a calm life, we know what’s coming up for the week ahead and we can have a good week of planned eating.

– Scan Bran.  We bought two packs of these last week. We just need to take the next step and be brave enough to try eating them!