The Littlest Things

I thought I’d take one of those arty feet pictures this evening, all set off against the big layer of snow in our garden. The sort of pictures that always seem so cutesy and girly.

So here are my shoes for today. Chunky and snow proof.
snow shoes

I do love the pic, but this is what I’d call a fat pic. Or a ‘before’ pic when I’m in the mood for thinking I really can do it this time.

I guess most of us who are travelling the long slimming journey know how to pose to capture us looking as slim as poss. Mine’s holding the camera as high as poss and shooting downwards. Works really well on hiding chins, but not so good for photographing chunky legs.

It’s the little things like this that remind me how long this journey will be. But those are the very things that mean I must walk it.

Thank goodness for sturdy shoes!